Awaken to the light of your inner nature, 8 week course Dunedin

Learn tools and techniques to cultivate the body’s energy systems (Qi), nurture and develop the heart and connect to a deeper knowing within.


This course is for you if you would like to:

-Experience a greater sense of internal joy and wellbeing

-Feel a deeper connection both within yourself and to those you love

-Develop your innate self healing abilities and ability to help others

What will this course include?

1) Learning Yuan Qigong, a simple, enjoyable practice of moving meditations. Yuan Qigong exercises strengthen the body and allow you to learn to relax at a deep level of your being. They also strengthen will power, the focus of the mind and work on Qi (energy).

2) Learning principles for everyday living, including how to maintain the relaxed state experienced in daily life, cultivate self awareness and how to look after your internal energies.

Who can come?

Anyone is welcome, with no prior experience necessary (just your life experience will be fine❤️).

A bit about me

I came to the practice of Qigong over 14 years ago. Before that I had been trying a number of other practices, however Qigong is what has changed my life in the most profound and simple ways. I feel more relaxed, naturally joyful, relationships are easier and I have more energy.

What I have come to understand is that the real practice is in every moment and that it can be a simple yet important part of our everyday lives.

My experience with this practice is what inspires me to share with others and help them in their own personal journey.

Dates and Venue

7 Crawford Street

Level one, Studio 3

Thursday’s 5.30 – 6.45pm.

Starting 18th of July through to the 22nd August



Early bird $115 (ends one week before the start of this course).

Limited spaces available, to book click this link:

Click here to book

Special offer.

Free Introductory Session

Are you curious to try Qigong and see what this is about?

Come to a free session on the

Thursday 11th July

5.30 – 6.30pm

To know more contact me, Jay: