Movement and Meditation in Dunedin and Beyond

The heart and mind know a more powerful truth than perhaps we are consciously aware.

It is a feeling beyond words. A feeling of interconnectedness, of deep trust, relaxation and freedom.

This is a precious and valuable way of being.

Yet if we are honest with ourselves, it is a part of ourselves that is often overlooked amidst the busyness and challenges of daily life.

Wouldn’t it be great then to have tools and a clearer understanding that would allow you to access and cultivate this state of being?

About Yuan Qigong

I teach a simple yet effective practice of moving meditations, known as Yuan Qigong.

Qigong, which works on breath, body, mind and Qi or Chi (life force energy), is a practice of moving and still meditations that are over 7000 years old. There are many different schools and philosophies of Qigong, and Yuan Qigong draws from these to create something that is both effective, yet easy to learn.

Benefits can be felt very early on and may include:

•Increased energy levels

•A deeper level of relaxation

•A calmer, clearer state of mind

•Reduced stress

•Reduced pain

Going deeper and applying Qigong principles in daily life.

I have been teaching REN XUE and Yuan Qigong for over 10 years, initially starting training in 2006.

Qigong practice is about cultivating a deeply calm, relaxed state of being during practice; going deeper however, it is about taking this special state into daily life, so that every moment becomes an opportunity to grow and learn.

I have run events and workshops in many places in New Zealand and along the West Coast of the U.S. I am also available for private sessions in person and via the internet.

Regular class times in Dunedin

Most of my classes and workshops in the Dunedin area are working with the Shine Bright Centre. To see up to date times for classes and workshops Click here.

I also am available for one on one teaching in person and online.

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