The heart and mind know a more powerful truth than perhaps we are consciously aware.


It is not so much something that can be put into words, rather it is a feeling beyond words. A feeling of interconnectedness, of deep trust, relaxation and freedom.

Understanding this truth and aligning ourselves with the deeper unseen laws of nature can have profound effects on health, on life, in relationships.

This is precious and valuable way of being. However, although we may all to some degree, have a sense of it, at the same time it is something that is not always easy to purposely develop and maintain. At least not without the right tools and techniques.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful then, to have the tools to achieve this state?

Tools to help us feel a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. To help us work on our lives in a holistic way and to live each day in a way that feels meaningful and aligned with growth?

Jay teaches Ren Xue, a philosophy, based on the Wisdom found in Traditional Chinese Culture, and Yuan Qigong, moving flowing meditations, based on ancient principles.

He offers one on one sessions, in person and through Skype, regular classes in Dunedin and Waitati New Zealand, teaches online and runs workshops whilst traveling.



If you’d like help working on life in any area, whatever it may be Jay can support you with tools you need to help you achieve your goals.