Yuan Qigong, Dunedin and Beyond

The heart and mind know a more powerful truth than perhaps we are consciously aware.


It is a feeling beyond words. A feeling of interconnectedness, of deep trust, relaxation and freedom.

This is a precious and valuable way of being, yet if we are honest with ourselves, it is perhaps not always the direction our lives are heading in.

About the practice

Yuan Qigong

Over the last 15 years I have been very fortunate to have been learning and teaching a beautiful practice of moving meditations, known as Yuan Qigong.

Qigong, which works on breath, body, mind and Qi or Chi (life force energy), is over 7000 years old. There are many different schools and philosophies of Qigong, and Yuan Qigong draws from these to create something that is both effective, yet easy to learn.

Benefits can be felt very early on and may include:

•Increased energy levels
•A deeper level of relaxation
•A calmer, clearer state of mind
•Reduced stress
•Reduced pain
•Greater emotional stability


‘Be calm, relaxed and natural

Pure Qi flowing with abundance and vigour

Where can illness come from?’

– Yellow emperor’s book of internal medicine.


REN XUE is the name of philosophy that Yuan Qigong is a part of. It draws on wisdom found in traditional teachings, such as Daoism, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong.

In simple terms it is about seeing that body, mind and Qi, our life force are all connected. Hence to work on improving our life, whilst Qigong practice is important, we need to work on our habits, in particular our habits of thinking, our patterns.

My Story

I started learning Qigong over 15 years ago.

Regular, daily Qigong practice and REN XUE has helped me in profound ways. Life is simpler, relationships are more harmonious and I am happier.

What I now understand is that body and mind are connected and it is of upmost importance to look after our energy levels, our vitality, or you could say Qi.

Based in Dunedin, I teach regular classes and workshops in Dunedin and beyond.

Regular class times in Dunedin

North East Valley

Sundays 4-5pm

North East Valley Project,

248 North Rd



Tuesdays 10-11am

Waitati Hall,

26 Harvey St

Both these classes are drop in and beginners are welcome at anytime.

Price is $10 per session.

If you plan to come, please message me via: